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Crump Life

“A competitive advantage – every brokerage company in our industry says they can bring it to you when it comes to getting the best
offer or the highest commission on a particular case.  At Crump, being the largest brokerage organization in the industry enables us to approach things a little differently.  Our extensive resources mean we’re not just about that one case, we’re about every case. And, we have learned how to use our size to your advantage – from leveraging our powerful carrier relationships to structure solutions and negotiate offers, to our deep investment in technology that makes doing business with us more efficient, we can bring strengths that other firms don’t offer.

But, it is not just our size that matters. Our commitment to service is a cornerstone of our business. Our dedicated insurance professionals, many with advanced sales and underwriting expertise, are singularly focused on delivering the high touch service you need to grow your business – one client relationship at a time.  And that is not just talk — our industry-leading client and employee retention and satisfaction rates deliver the one-two punch that proves our strength.

We offer you the best of both worlds – more resources and best in class service. Let the power of our world give your business a lift!”

Rob Carney
President, Crump Life Insurance Services